At Bukindai Karate-Do we don’t expect you to pay out money on something if you don’t like it.

Before paying out on your life membership you can just turn up to a beginners lesson & pay the lesson fee. If you like how it goes then you can even come back next week just to make sure.

We usually give a “testing period” of 4-6 weeks. Once you are happy with everything then you can pay the life membership fee.

If you don’t quite feel up to joining in then feel free to come & watch a lesson. We will be happy to help you & answer any questions you have.

Lesson Fees:-

Juniors and adults – £6.00

Family Fees (per lesson):-

Family of 2 – £11.00

Family of 3 – £15.00

Family of 4 – £19.00

All prices are per lesson. Each lesson is an hour long unless otherwise stated.

Life Membership:

Junior (-16) – £19.50 (with free karate suit)

Adult (+16) – £22.50 (with free karate suit)

Licence (Insurance):

License with licence book – £20.00

Junior License Renewal – £12.50

Adult (16+) License Renewal – £15.00

Long Service Renewal (after 10 years)- £10.00

To train you must hold an in date license. A license must be renewed on a yearly basis. It is the responsibilty of the student to keep an in date license.

Monthly Training Fees:-

Once per week  – £20.00

Unlimited training at any Bukindai club – £40.00

All fees are per calender month.

There are no direct debits in monthly fees. The month is paid in advance & may be cancelled at any time after the first 3 months. Monthly pay does not include Squad training fees.

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